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Fred Loya Insurance

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Fred Loya is an automotive insurance company offering its services to customers in a select number of states. Fred Loya insurance locations include Texas, California, Illinois, Colorado, and New Mexico. If you’re interested in the Fred Loya insurance company, you can go online to request a quote, or you can look up information about Fred Loya insurance claims and policies.

The company’s website also lets you contact the company if you have a claim.Fred Loya Insurance Locations Fred Loya insurance serves customers in TX, California, Illinois, Colorado, and NM. That means you can get Fred Loya insurance if you live in Albuquerque, Bakersfield, Buckner, Dallas, Austin, Amarillo, Austin, Houston, Lubbock, Odessa, Garland, Colorado Springs, Weslaco, Brownsville, McAllen, and other towns. Fred Loya Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in the US. Even though Fred Loya insurance locations are relatively few, they will be expanding in the coming years. Right now Fred Loya is looking into expansion into Arizona and Nevada, by which point they will be covering much of the southwestern United States. If you’re in search of a walk-in office, you can usually find Fred Loya in Big 8 Food Source stores, Wal-Marts, and Fiesta Marts. Their slogan is “Where Being Local Matters.”

Requesting Fred Loya Insurance Quotes

If you are interested in this company, you probably should go online or call to get Fred Loya insurance quotes. Fred Loya strives to provide low rates even to customers have poor credit ratings or problems on their driving records (which might mean they will give you a SR-22 if you need one). When you call Fred Loya for a quote, you should not only be checking the rates, but also whether you can get any discounts. Every car insurance company has a different policy as far as discounts go, so you will need to create a list of discounts you think may be applicable to your situation and then ask about each of them specifically. fred loya insuranceWhat are some of the discounts you should be inquiring about? You should see if Fred Loya offers a discount for your age or your education level. Even though Fred Loya strives to offer competitive rates for people with bad credit or poor records, they may well provide even better rates to customers with good credit and good driving records. Another category of common discounts is security. Drivers who secure their vehicles after they park them for the night are sometimes eligible to save money on their insurance premiums. Securing your vehicle means putting an arming device in it which locks your ignition, and parking away from the street in a location where you’re less likely to be robbed. Fred Loya insurance may also offer you a discount if you happen to not drive your car to work or don’t drive your car very often. Only by calling and requesting Fred Loya insurance quotes will you know what discounts you can get. Registering multiple vehicles may also earn you a discount. Lots of people don’t even know that most insurance companies offer several types of discounts. That means that even if Fred Loya offers certain discounts, you won’t necessarily realize it or receive those discounts if you don’t ask about them. So when you call up Fred Loya for your quote, be sure to give them very thorough information about your driving record, demographics, education level, and other qualities. You never know how much money you can save if you don’t ask!

About the Fred Loya Insurance Company

The Fred Loya insurance company started in 1974, and is now the 18th Largest Hispanic Top 500 Owned and Operated Company in the US. The company first opened its doors in El Paso, TX, and now has 361 agencies in four states. The company will soon be adding Nevada and Arizona to their area of service. When you call Fred Loya, you’ll be directed to the agency which serves your area. In 2009, Fred Loya wrote more than $400 million in premiums, and insured more than 500,000 drivers. They had over 360,000 active policies, and employed over 2600 professional employees. Their corporate offices are located in San Antonio and McAllen, Texas. Over 200 people work in the claims department, and over 100 staff appraisers exist to provide customer service to members. Over 6,500 claims are processed by Loya Insurance every month. Fred Loya employs its own legal department with 15 attorneys and other legal staff. More than 50 employees support the legal staff. If you want to learn more about Fred Loya insurance, one extra step you can take is to go on the internet and read reviews. Fred Loya insurance ratings can include both compliments and complaints. Reading the reviews may give you some idea as to the rates and discounts which Fred Loya offers, and it’ll give you an even better idea about how helpful their customer service is. Choosing a new insurance policy under a new company can be a great move, but you need to educate yourself not only about the auto coverage and what you’ll pay, but also what kind of service your payments will buy. Is Fred Loya an open and communicative auto insurance provider? The only way you can know is by reading what other customers have to say. Fred Loya insurance reviews will give you an inside peek at how the Fred Loya insurance company operates before you decide to open a policy with them.

Fred Loya Insurance Claims

A special sub page on Fred Loya’s website exists to help process Fred Loya insurance claims. There are three claim branches which work to process claims speedily. The claims departments are staffed by many employees, and for every case, a personal liability adjuster is assigned to investigate the claim and determine the appropriate course of action to take based on the evidence. The Fred Loya insurance claims office is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday-Friday, as well as Saturday from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

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